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Various Artists: CatScan: 1.0

  1. Information Society - Sing In Code
  2. Seven Red Seven - After The Fall
  3. Dissonance - Desolation
  4. Vatic[A.N.] - Am I?
  5. North by Northwest - Refusal
  6. Constant Havoc - Outside of Love
  7. Racket Club - Love In Time
  8. STN - Breakpoint
  9. The Memory Garden - The End
  10. Person - Perfect Woman
  11. Pivot Clowj - Autonomy
  12. Total Devotion - Lifeline
  13. Lollipop Guild - My Eyes
  14. U-N-I - Cruxified
  15. Bytet - Anything
  16. Information Society - Fall in Line

This is the second compilation to be released by Control-Alt-Delete the synth-pop and Information Society fanzine and by far the best. Instead of primarily focusing on compiling just synth-pop music as on the last CD, the entire genre of electronic music is exposed. Everything from the unusually dreamy ambient piece by Information Society, the Cyberpunk track by Vatican, the pop industrial Bytet, to the electro thundering of STN this compilation crosses the boundaries that most won't and encompasses all styles of electronic music. As a result this independent release has received a great deal of positive press all across the various trade publications as a showcase for new and upcoming electronic bands as well as using some of the selling power of bands like Information Society to gain a foothold with the listener. If electronic music is ever going to see the light of day it will be through the success of many high quality small label compilations such as this one who will finally saturate the market so that the consumer can no longer ignore the pivotal role that electronic music has had upon their lives when they were too naive to pay attention to the movie soundtracks and eMpTy Vee commercials.

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