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Various Artists: CatCompilation I

  1. Information Society - Seek200 1.0
  2. Jay Gillian/T-42 - Rhythm Machine
  3. Anything Box - Industrial Wasteland (88.94 demo)
  4. Racket Club - nerve
  5. Channel 69 - She Has Everything (DogHouse Mix)
  6. Red Red Groovy - Come to Me, Ectasy (X-Static 303)
  7. NR 17 - Mask
  8. Tension Envelope - Under Static Islands
  9. Total Devotion - Believe In You
  10. Information Society - On My Way
  11. 90 Degrees - The Last Good Day
  12. Picasso's Children - Conscience of a King
  13. Machine In Motion - Color in the Rain
  14. Division Of Beat - Checkers (Goban Mix)
  15. Dissonance - Fade
  16. Denoument - 1994
  17. Reaction Void - Aftermode
  18. Violet Arcana - In The Scene of the Mind

The Cat Compilation is the first release by the Control-Alt-Delete, The Information Society fan magazine. The majority of the CD consists of various flavors of synth-pop. A few of the tracks border on electro-industrial and "Mask" by NR 17 even utilizes guitars. Most of the bands on the compilation are smaller unsigned acts with the large name acts being present to market the compilation. The tone of the CD varies from slow ballads to synth-core. CAD also has to two more compilations due out sometime in late 1995 one for large acts and one for unsigned acts. The fanbase for the CAD newsletter focuses on networking small synth pops act together to discuss the industry. If you are into synth-pop and are looking for new acts write for more information.

P.O. Box 38533-1010
Houston, TX 77283-8553


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