Bytet/Violet Black Orchid: Split Single

  1. Bytet - Anything 3:33
  2. Bytet - Tension (Edit Mix) 3:31
  3. Violet Black Orchid - Kiss 5:06

In order to cut costs, Bytet and Violet Black Orchid has released this split single to help promote their new material so they have gone all out to display a very different sound from previous work. The Bytet material shows a marked level of maturity from their debut release, coupled with the use of a female vocalist, almost drags this stereotypical electro act straight into darkwave or electro-goth territory. The Violet Black Orchid track is more of the standard EBM affair with slow, calculated vocals that also shares more in common with the current darkwave trend than on previous work. In any event, all of the tracks are definitely a very positive trend for both bands that should erase much of the stereotypical image that they both shared.

Bytet is: RG Geiger
Violet Black Orchid is: David London & Max Arnason

Killersexmachine Records
2305 Vista Court
Coquitlan, British Columbia
V3J 6W2, Canada

E-mail: ksmrecords@infomatch.com

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