RG Geiger                       Kristian Rosentrater
   Synths/Vox/Programming                      Percussion

First Bite

  1. Prayer 4TC 5:50
  2. Time To Play 7:11
  3. Doubting Angels 5:51
  4. Chant 99 6:02
  5. 1/3 Of A Nation 5:09
  6. Tension 5:12
  7. That Past 4:11
  8. The Next Step 5:54
  9. Acid Jam(live) 5:25

How do you describe music that defies a discrete form? That's the question I've been struggling to answer the past few days. The form varies from most music I've reviewed before. I could almost compare it to industrial muzak. Bytet is very mellow electronic music, almost along the lines of Pounce International, but mellower, without falling into the category of ambient. Obscure samples litter the music, with the occasional array of goth like vocals. The best track on the album is "Chant 99" which swipes the original bassline from Nitzer Ebb's "Join In The Chant" for the first few seconds of the track. Other than that, nothing seens to jump out and impress me, just conventional mellow EBM.

Bytet is:
Robert G. Geiger - vocals
Timothy Geiger - lyrics
Kristian Rosentrator - drums

6531 Spruce St.
Anchorage, AL 99507


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