Bubblegum Crisis: (demo)

  1. Corpus 5:12
  2. MJ12 4:02
  3. Silent 5:09

Bouncing back and forth between hardcore EBM, and rave, techno, Bubblegum Crisis (derived from the Anime of the same name) has a mind all it's own. Overall, the music is very impressive, with quality programming, intelligent percussion, and an overall feeling that makes you want to get up and dance. However, the music seems to be lacking in a two areas. I think the music that has been created here would go excellent with vocals, in fact, you'd almost swear it was written with vocals in mind, and your listening to remixes without them. If lyrics were to be added, samples would also fit nicely into the montage. I think the base of the music is eminently good, I just wish the artist had added lyrics in a few places, although this is just a demo, and we could always see a change in the future.

Cult of Jester
c/o Ed Finkler
2211 Lakeshore Dr.
St. Joesph, MI 49085
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E-mail: efinkler@sun1.iusb.indiana.edu

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