Broke Box: Netsplit Detected

  1. 2033 4:24
  2. God Damn Divine 3:41
  3. You Are Alone 3:41
  4. Stalemate 4:37
  5. Devil Piston 3:35
  6. Cyber is Crap 4:06
  7. Digital Saturation 3:40
  8. Connection Reset By Peer 3:20
  9. Gist 4:21
  10. God Figure 5:53
  11. Shread 2:42
  12. Through The White Walls 3:04
  13. Violent Transitions 4:08
  14. Hypertension 6:48
  15. A.O.K.N.I.N.F. 6:48

From the outset it is very difficult to discern whether or not Broke Box is a band who is poking large volumes of fun at the Industrial genre of music or simply take themselves far too seriously. In either case, their music is a very stereotypical look into the downward spiral of the post industrial scene. Musically the album in punctuated by recycled science fiction samples, poor lyrics, and loosely arranged programming that sounds like it was programmed by the family pet. The worst part is that Broke Box has joined the KMFDM gang and even recycled it's own sound elements throughout the album. Hopefully this is all just a sick twisted industrial pun because if it isn't these guys really ought to quit the music business and go into the coffee shop business.

Broke Box is:
David Clapp - vocals, sequences, synth, lyrics
Steve Kolb - guitars, bass, sequences, synth, vocals
Matt Bacon - bass, noise

Broke Box
2658 North Booth St.
Milwaukee, WI 53212

E-mail: brokebox@execpc.com

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