Album Cover

The Compositions Of Brian Dorbach

Side 1:

  1. They Do A Lot Of Worshipping Around Here
    Performed By The Village Of Burnside Impossible ShortWave Orchestra And Chorus

Side 2:

  1. I Live At The Bottom Of The Mountain, Near The Big Turn
    Performed By The Village Of Gowen City Impossible ShortWave Orchestra And Chorus
  2. Uncle Went Tending And Never Returned
    Performed By Pressure Works

This tape consists of various sound constructions varying in diversity from found sound sampling and orchestrated ambient sound textures to obscure vocal samples taken from film clips of antiquity. Various tonalities of vocals are also utilized to bring the bring the music to life creating a visual that in many respects reminds me of the old films of the forties & fifties with the news shorts appearing prior to the actual film. Almost a Twilight Zone affair mixing the past and present ideologies together to create a anthology of the ages via music. I am not sure if that was the intention of the artist but the imagery presented was very clear to me.

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