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Borut Krzisnik: Currents of Time

  1. 101 Merry Metronomes 2:36
  2. The Play of the Puppets 6:12
  3. The Bird No. 3 1:28
  4. Hey 2:39
  5. Break to Build (Build to Break) 6:41
  6. Going Down 3:50
  7. La Dolce Vita 2:25
  8. Hun's Party 3:57
  9. It Comes To The Same Thing 2:49
  10. The Bird No.1 2:51
  11. Discipline 5:16
  12. The Bird No. 2 0:40
  13. Johnny in the Funeral Procession 2:50
  14. Dance of Dymiyes and Bare Feet 2:41

Former Laibach live contributor Borut Krzisnik compiles this eclectic collection of music aptly titled "Currents of Time". Musically, the album leaps across years of classical gypsy music, eastern European folk, and modern electronic rock in a mere hour's worth of recording time. This album is true Industrial music at its best. The release uses every conceivable musical non-sequitor at least once, alongside clanging metal, bird samples, ukeleles. You don't just listen to this album, you experience several hundred years worth of musical tradition colliding into one large melting pot.

Tone Casualties
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Hollywood, CA 90038


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