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Various Artists: Body Rapture 6

  1. FLA - Replicant
  2. Apoptygma Berzerk - Half Asleep
  3. And One - Deutschmaschine
  4. P.A.L. - Das Gelobnis
  5. X Marks the Pedwalk - Monomanic (remix)
  6. Cyber-Tec - Human
  7. Neuroactive - Neuron (denatured remix)
  8. Decoded Feedback - Mother Tenebrarum
  9. X-rossive - Der Mensch
  10. Birmingham 6 - Policestate (mind bladder dub)
  11. Eco - Schmutz (bad man mix)
  12. Sea of Sin - Last Day in Paradise
  13. Index - Shadows
  14. Trylok - Reforce

I remember a period when I eagerly awaited each new release in the Body Rapture series; unfortunately that sensation disappeared when Volume 5 came out. This release manages to salvage some of its respectability from the weakness of Volume 5. While it still doesn't compare to the first few in the series, they have made a concentrated effort to bring in some of the stronger electro acts from around the globe, as well as included new and upcoming acts such P.A.L, Neuroactive, and Index. However I no longer look to the Body Rapture Series to hear of find out about new electro acts as I once did. Not to say this is a bad compilation, but with Zoth Ommog's and the Body Rapture series prior record, I was expecting something that was newer and more energetic. (Kevin Congdon)

Zoth Ommog
Norsk-Data-Str. 3
61352 Bad Homburg

E-mail: none

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