Album Cover

Blink Twice: Newer Unknown Breeds

  1. Rapid Growth
  2. Finding The Niche
  3. Newer Unknown Breeds
  4. Waking The Moon
  5. Among The Virtuous
  6. Common Threat
  7. Severity
  8. Generations of Advancement
  9. Growth
  10. Natural End

The start of "Newer Unknown Breeds" continues from where Blink Twice's debut album leaves off, but the comparisons end there. This time around the sounds utilized are all more somber, drab and melancholy. More of the composition is filled with artificial string patches and pitch shifted wind instruments that echo and reverberate across the ebony landscapes. Percussion still plays a vital role in the direction of the compositions, but this time it seems to be used less as a rhythm element and more as texturing and smoothing. Each track grows bleaker and bleaker with it's minor key tones and thick basslines. It is as if Blink Twice is trying to sap the opaque timbres from the Earth itself and free them into the atmosphere for all to share. Ultimately, "Newer Unknown Breeds" consummates it's desire to become something different and unexpected, an even darker atmospheric creation from the bowels of Gaia herself.

Blink Twice is: Robert Salchak

Broken Seal Records
P.O. Box 34048
San Diego, CA 92163


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