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Blink Twice: Other Locations

  1. Fellow Travellers
  2. Deeper Within
  3. A Certain Pull
  4. Subsistence
  5. Tialoc
  6. The First Believer
  7. Pull of Time
  8. Slow Escape

Robert Salchak of Blink Twice has been silent for a long time since his debut release on General Purpose Cassette almost five years ago. A lot has changed since the early cassette releases, including a record deal with Germany Broken Seal Records and a definite refined musical skill. "Other Locations" delves deep into the realms of Dark Ambient and shares much in common with such acts as Lustmord, Robert Rich, Steve Roach, and Vidna Obmana, without the use of drones and a bit of percussion to fill out the empty spaces. Each track is almost an exercise in minimalism, with few musical elements used and absolutely no vocals. The percussion always in non-standard, whether it be a church bell, ethnic drums, or other rich tonal instrument. Then layers of strings, woodwinds, and other reeded instruments fill out the mix with subtle textures. Occasionally more natural elements such as flowing water, rippling wind, or pattering rain accentuate the mix. Yet, for all it's natural instrumentation, it all sounds very digital and processed, probably due in part to it having originated from a digital keyboard or sampler. Regardless, the mood of "Other Locations" is very harmonious and relaxing, which is what all good Ambient artists strive to achieve.

Blink Twice is: Robert Salchak

Broken Seal Records
P.O. Box 34048
San Diego, CA 92163


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