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Various Artists: Blackout

  1. The Aggression - Airily
  2. Blind - 21st Century Slave
  3. Controlled Bleeding - Poisoner Excerpt (Stalker Mix)
  4. Deep Fried Clams - The Life and Death of Chris Cage
  5. Dystopia One - Steve Buscemi
  6. F.I.L. - Unpaid Bills
  7. Journey Into Darkness - Sandstorm
  8. Mindframe - Makeshift
  9. Nefarius - O.B.I.T.
  10. NeoCyberChrist - Syntax
  11. Polymorph 3.1 - psychOphySioGicaLneurAlmasTerbatioN
  12. Psycho Horror - Explusion
  13. Side 3 - Afflictive
  14. VD - Check Up From the Next Up
  15. (vaginal) cleansing ritual - What Barbara Liked Most About the Bahamas

With the exception of The Aggression and Controlled Bleeding tracks, "Blackout" has to be the worst compilation I have heard in years. Not only is the quality of the music less than passable, the production is atrocious, the cliched band names are hackneyed, and the track titles themselves exhibit a profound degree of stupidity. Normally, I really enjoy local samplers such as "Boston Elektro 101', but in the case of this Long Island compilation, it is nothing less than atrocious. To give you an idea of how truly appalling this release is, you have to go no further than the last track which solely consists of a sampled Porn with a incredibly unoriginal musical backdrop. The Dystopia One track is a pathetic tribute to Steve Buscemi, best known for his 'acting' in Fargo and Reservoir Dogs and the Deep Fried Clams track is practically a backwater country song. Needless to say, the best place for this compilation is in the discount bin, so that others might stumble upon it and submit themselves to the painful audio torture I just experienced. As for the two decent tracks on this compilation, my suggestion is to buy each bands most recent full length album instead.

None of the Above
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