Album Cover

Blackhouse: Shades of Black

  1. The Wrapper
  2. Shout!
  3. Nonstop Timebeat
  4. Warp drive
  5. Kein Spass (No Fun)
  6. Son Day
  7. Back In The Daze
  8. Buss Dat Gruv
  9. Reason To Live
  10. Brrrr Brrrr
  11. X-Mission
  12. TG II
  13. Sleazy
  14. I'm The Guy

Blackhouse is one of the few old school acts that continues to work within a truly Industrial genre of music. Brian Ladd-Frith never forgot his musical roots, and continues to draw on them throughout his latest album "Shades of Black". Caustic guitar feedback, metallic percussion and ancient synthesizer tones all crop up throughout the record. There is not a single track here that could be described as easy listening. The music isn't painful to listen to, but constructed in a manner not normally found in modern Electro acts. Blackhouse utilizes a fair number of timing changes, non-standard lyrical techniques, and a lack of overused vocal samples, to create a still very fresh style of music. This alone rekindles my faith that there still are musical pioneers to carry the true Industrial torch, you just have to search the dark corners to find them.

Blackhouse is: Brian Ladd-Frith

Blacklight Records
P.O. BOX 6552
Kokomo, In 46904-6552


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