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Black Rain: Nanarchy

  1. Xerfem
  2. Night Island 2
  3. Speed and Ice
  4. Trainstop
  5. Alternities
  6. Das Dusenflugzeug
  7. Corpocyte
  8. Return To Night Island
  9. Nextification
  10. Letter Racers
  11. Nanarchy

At first glance this new Black Rain album is much like it's predecessor in that it was written primarily as a soundtrack style album. However upon further examination one notices a number of departures from their debut album. Most notably is the increased number of straight forward pop tracks with an over abundance of guitar and cheesy lyrics. The other difference is the increased used of abnormal and otherwise experimental sounds. Approximately half of the album is identical to their first album and the remainder is dedicated to musical exploration an growth. Each of the pop tracks seem to act more as filler rather than anything to be taken seriously, and as such can be ignored for the most part. However the experimental sections warrant closer scrutiny. Most of them are a collection of vocal samples arranged over a bizarre array of percussion and found sound, with the occasional vocal popping in and out. These tracks are the hilight of the release because they are so far from the rest of their material. With any luck, these types of tracks will become more commonplace on the next Black Rain album and the pop tracks will hopefully disappear.

Black Rain is: Stuart Argabright & Shinichi Shimokawa

Fifth Column Records
P.O. Box 787
Washington, DC 20044
(202) 783-0044


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