Black Lung: The Disinformation Plague

  1. I Have No Mouth...
  2. The Disinformation Plague
  3. Sinister Control Minority
  4. A High Cabal
  5. The Elite Controllers
  6. Menticide
  7. Beenan Orden
  8. The Self-Appointed Olympian
  9. The Useless Eaters
  10. Unconvincing Simulations of Happiness Part I
  11. The Useless Eaters
  12. Unconvincing Simulations of Happiness Part II
  13. Unconvincing Simulations of Happiness Part III
  14. ...And Yet I Must Scream

This latest solo effort by David Thrussel of Black Lung is a slight departure from his previous work. Instead of depending on a varied array of percussion and techno staples, he has chosen to add an unusual amount of ambient atmosphere to the album. As a result, this has not only given the music more depth and subtlely, but has added to the mood of paranoia that accompanies all of Thrussel's compositions. It should be noted that not all of the usual upbeat and widely diverse dance rhythms are missing, but rather they are masterfully woven into the analogue undertones that undulate throughout the album. With all of this layering and sound sculpting it should come as no surprise that this new Black Lung album seems to share a common kinship with one of David's other projects Soma. The only key difference, other than the absence of his partner Pieter Bourke, is that all of the instruments present on "The Disinformation Plague" are electronic rather than the fusion of organic and synthetic sounds commonly experienced on a Soma album. It is quite obvious that David has matured musically on this new album and it only serves to heighten my anticipation of the direction he takes on his next musical endeavor.

Black Lung is: David Thrussel

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P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105

E-mail: metropol@voicenet.com

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