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Black Lung: The Depopulation Bomb

  1. The Unreality Industry
  2. The Depopulation Bomb
  3. Eugenics
  4. Joyful Slaughter (Of The Capitolist Swine)
  5. The More Confusion... The More The Profit
  6. God Was The First Cop
  7. Angstlos
  8. Batch Consignment
  9. Blood Sacrifice
  10. The Drone Of The Cattle
  11. Population Control
  12. Unreality Again

The members of the infamous Australian band Snog are back with their sophomore collection of soundtracks for movies which do not exist. The message is clear and the solution is simple, remove yourself from the fascist governments of this planet who hides behind shades of grey. After all, who watches the watchmen? This time Black Lung moves away from sound experimentation of dreams towards more of techno ambient style of instrumentation. Don't construe that to mean that it is just another rave album, but simply that the programming has become more beat oriented with a great deal of focus on rhythms and melodies rather than soundscapes of the past. This album definitely favors my hint of favorism of the Black Lung side project over the more dance rave styles utilized in Snog. Each project has it's place however Black Lung spends a great deal more time in my stereo due to its superior sound complexity and rhythm structure.

Black Lung is: D Thrussel & P. Bourke

Fifth Column Records
P.O. Box 787
Washington, D.C. 2004


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