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Black Lung: Silent Weapons For Silent Wars

  1. Theme From The Black Lung Pt-1
  2. The Banque of Wars
  3. The Trilateral Commission
  4. Rex 84
  5. Somatime
  6. Prozac Parade
  7. Ridjeck Theme
  8. Everything You Know Is Wrong
  9. Death Squad Blues
  10. Theme From The Black Lung Pt-2
  11. Meat Manager
  12. Supermarket Dream
  13. The Battle Of Brazil
  14. The Bilderberg Group 1

Ever wonder what would happen is someone collected all those random noises you hear in your dreams and in the places around you compiled them into some semblance of music and sold the resulting album? The Snog side project Black Lung does just this and much more. It's like every note on the album I've heard somewhere in the past and the band has been following me everywhere I go through out my entire life collecting these experiences and then releasing an audio biography of my life for the world to hear. Damn eerie if you ask me. The soundtrack of my life brought to me live in digital stereo where available. Pardon me I think I hear the nice men in white jackets coming to take me away.

Black Lung are: D. Thrussell & P. Bourke

Machinery Records
292 S. LaCienga Blvd
Suite 103
Beverly Hills, CA 90211


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