Album Cover

Bisexion 69: Demo

  1. Great Pretend
  2. Porn Stars
  3. Screen of Life

Bisexion 69, an all female quarter hailing from the bowels of New York City, incorporate Urban Dance, Techno, and Electro music with symphonic vocals. Oddly enough they are one of the few all female Electro acts that have suddenly hit the scene. They managed to acquire some cheap, but high quality studio time, to put together this three song demo. As one would expect from the name of the band and the titles of the three songs, the majority of the lyrics are about sex, excess, and other graphic hobbies. Unfortunately, while the musical quality of most of these tracks is stellar, they simply cannot be played on the radio due to the use of profanity on every track. Radio airplay is essential to a start-up band. To instantly alienate the DJ promotional tool because of profanity does not make band recognition any easier. My sole suggestion to Bisexion 69 is to cut some radio edit version of these songs.

Bisexion 69 is:
Hell - vocals
Pussy Kat - guitars, vocals, programming
Mistress Alana - keyboards, programming, vocals
Tracy X - bass
SuZen - drums


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