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Various Artists: Biotech 02

  1. Monastery - Believe 4:00
  2. Fiction 8 - Hearts of Cinder 6:00
  3. Noxious Emotion - Believe It 6:17
  4. Bliss Array - Morning Sickness 4:03
  5. Infused - Cyber Faction (Mix) 4:38
  6. Gaping Chasm - Death 6:11
  7. Statik Output - Inner Entity 3:57
  8. Aurifex - Paranoid 5:11
  9. Fektion Fekler - Immortal Faith (Mix) 5:45
  10. Redonjon - Triste Montee 6:30
  11. Entity - Suburban 3:41
  12. Stromkern - Aussicht Vom Rande Der Nacht 6:20
  13. Osiris - Macro 7:00
  14. Osiris w/ Entity - Decline 4:45

Biotech is the second in a series of independent electro industrial artist compilations much in the same vein as the RMI Mind/Body CD. At the time of the album release all of the artists were unsigned, albeit since that time Fiction 8 signed with Discordia and Noxious Emotion also signed a contract. The compilation, while based out of Texas, hasn't limited itself to a specific geography in recruiting artists. Bliss Array is from Chicago, which is Andy Waggoner of Interface Magazine's solo project, Noxious Emotion is from Seattle, and Fiction 8 hails from Denver. All of the music lies entirely within the electronic scope of the typical industrial dance genre. A few of the tracks are less suited for club play and more for personal enjoyment, but there are a significant number of good dance tracks. For being independent artists, the quality of this compilation is high, so if you'd like a chance to help out a struggling artist and get some well written music in the process pick up a copy of Biotech 02 at your earliest convenience.

SDS Productions
P.O. Box 0805
Georgetown, TX 78627-0805


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