BioFeedBack: Incision

  1. Trapped Inside 3:40
  2. Relive 3:50
  3. Squad Car 4:17
  4. Systemfuck 4:42
  5. Clenched 3:33
  6. Effect/Felt 2:30
  7. A Man Above 3:57
  8. Ripped Normality 3:09
  9. Outspoken 4:20
  10. Shut Up 4:58
  11. Effect/Felt (Exit Wound Mix) 6:16
  12. The Legend of Hope 4:42
  13. Something Less Than Nothing 3:41

BioFeedBack is a very rough around the edges traditional electronic industrial band. They seem to follow the rigid path tread by so many before them that requires mildly distorted vocals, common sample sources derived from popular science fiction films and jarring percussion. Deviating from this formula is something they seem unable to do and therein lies their problem. BioFeedBack sounds like every other DIY industrial band with a home studio. They lack any type of unique sound allows them to stand above the masses or differentiate them from the other electronic drivel. Much of this can most likely be attribute to lack of experience and less than average recording techniques which together can lead to this style of sound. I think a little tough love and hard work can only do BioFeedBack some good and nudge them into a niche role assuming they desire to make that change. Otherwise they are doomed to a life of mediocrity and reiterated sound. BioFeedBack are:
Wilk - vocals, guitars, sequencing, sampling
Vinh - sampling, sequencing, visuals
Brian - subsonic bass, vocals

P.O. Box 107
Savage, MD 20763
(410) 665-8656


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