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Various Artists: Binary Application Extension

  1. Imminent Starvation - Parasite
  2. Velvet Acid Christ - The Calling
  3. db.F - Retrace (Instrumental Version)
  4. Noisex - 4-025905-907991
  5. Hocico - Beings of Relief
  6. Index - Psychotic Simulation (Metal Snow Silhouette Remix)
  7. Implant - Slowly Mutating
  8. P*A*L - Metrum
  9. STR - Edge
  10. New Mind - Stone Hate Steel
  11. Sabotage Q.C.Q.C? - Heidenangst (1st Step)
  12. Neuroactive - Space Divider (USA remix)
  13. T.H.D. - A Halogen Glow
  14. Morgue - Nature's Freak (Fallen Angel Remix)
  15. Benestrophe - Sister's Mary's Sleep
  16. Noisex - More Over Than Out

Culture Shock magazine can seem to do no wrong. Not only have they been able to steadily release one of the best Industrial fan-zines on the planet for four straight issues, but now they have expanded their publication to include a compilation CD of artists featured in the magazine. Since they have been known for being able to acquire detailed interviews with some of the most close mouthed musicians, you can imagine how cutting edge the music on this compilation really is. When over 2/3's of the artists present haven't even a domestic release in the U.S. much less a compilation appearance on this side of the lake you know you are in for a treat. Whether it is an exclusive look into STR's (formerly of Swamp Terrorists) new project, a preview of new T.H.D. material due out on Pendragon Records, or just a killer remix of an Index track, Culture Shock is definitely retaining it's reputation for bringing it's audience the best in Electro-Industrial from around the world.

Culture Shock
218 Prospect Ave
Suite 2A
Hackensack, NJ 07601


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