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Bill Horist: Soylent Radio

  1. Soylent Radio
  2. The Teeth of our Skin - Part 1
  3. Clowder
  4. The Teeth of our Skin - Part 2
  5. 3 Cloven Staircase
  6. Epilepticify
  7. Penumbra Hotel

While technically marketed as a solo project, this new Bill Horist album is actually a collection of guitar solos and duets with a handful of other accomplished musicians. The only common link between these tracks is that the they share Bill Horist as a collaborate and as such have been assembled together into this album. Musically each track is thoroughally different from every other track on the album simply because each track was co-written with a different collection of musicians. Some pieces consist of loosely ordered vocal samples buried behind a variety of electronic fuzz and percussion, others are jaunts through a bubbling array of analogue ambience, while some of the remaining tracks are chaotic washes of noise and guitars run through a myriad of treatments and pedals. Almost every single unformulated musical performance concept is attempted in this 74 minute tour through the back catalogue of Bill Horist, along with a few I've never before experienced. In consummation, "Soylent Radio" is quite a complete journey through the world of experimental music even if a few tracks left my ears ringing for quite a long time after listening to the album.

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