Album Cover

Biastfear: A Worthless Emotion

  1. Paralysis
  2. Pumpkin
  3. Forced Existence
  4. Faithless Healing

From the onset of this tape it is unnervingly obvious how much of a bad Ministry knock-off Biastfear really is. What is worse is the complete lack of time keeping skills by the drummer and guitarist ad they fade in and out of time throughout the entire cassette. The electronics play such a mininal role in the music, one wonders why they even bother to use them. The occasional sample leading into and exiting a track does not an industrial band make. In any event, what this band needs most is practice and a mild case of a personal identity before proceeding any further down the musical highway.

Biastfear is:
TJ Bruce - abstain vocal, harmonic reaction
Rob Schultz - four strings on wood
Ron Brinker - vocals, harmonic reaction
David Breda - rhythmic tribal poundings

P.O. Box 3292
Kent, OH 44240
(216) 826-0630


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