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Beyond Within: The Tepal Concept

  1. panhandle
  2. phototropism
  3. at a loss
  4. surface beneath
  5. turbo failure
  6. lost key
  7. altered current
  8. screaming head
  9. within
  10. cellular automata
  11. disorientate
  12. miribar
  13. 18 seconds
  14. waiting I & II
  15. tepal

This is being composed is a state of mental instability fashioned from the inability of sleep accompanied by this album on perpetual repeat and a volume far beyond what the speakers of a multimedia personal computer out to be able to withstand. The music in its organic vivacity has managed to avoid being stamped, numbered, classified, codified, taxified, filed, or briefed throughout the entire period in which it has remained berthed in the device. If my altered mental state is any indication of what this music has done to my psyche in the past few hours of listening then perhaps the resistance to labeling has finally begun to wear down. As each orchestrated movement of the music tears down the emotional walls of my inner being which is begging for the abatement of the continual agonizing despair in which I have encompassed myself at this particular juncture of my primal existence. The music has become my drug of choice as the wailing of my internal anguish explodes upon the surrounding environment and shatters my firmament. The suffering is at a long end as the last shudder is extinguished from my body and I pass into a restless state of brain inactivity only to wake again as the narcotic effects of the aural stimulation are eviscerated from my mortal coil.are eviscerated from my mortal coil.

Beyond Within is: Mackenzie Dahl & Randy Manion

Manifest Records
53 West Etruria Street #C
Seattle, WA 98119


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