Benestrophe: Auric Fires

  1. Future Tense
  2. Hypocrite
  3. Base of Brutality
  4. H.I.V. (Test Positive)
  5. Planets
  6. Disbelief (The Quest)
  7. Phobia
  8. Auric Fires
  9. Sleep Tonight (Remix)
  10. Britches (A.L.F.)
  11. Farewell My Love
  12. Farewell
  13. L.S.D.
  14. Liberty City

Benestrophe return with their first truly new album since the band broke up prior to the birth of Mentallo & The Fixer. With just a quick listen, one can easily notice the musical growth that the Dassing brothers have made between albums, and how dismal the vocals of Rich Mendez have remained. Both the delay and the effects on Rich's voice border on annoyance throughout the album as they remain flat and constant totally without depth or poise. As a result, his vocals remain dull, monotone, and mechanical on every track. Luckily, Gary Dassing contributes vocals to 'Base of Brutality' and there are a handful of instrumental tracks on the album to keep it becoming a dismal failure. Musically, "Auric Fires" is what we have come to respect from the Dassing brothers and should please both Mentallo and previous Benestrophe fans alike. However Rich Mendez needs to desperately do something with his vocals because the vocals treatments he uses are getting really old and cliche.

Benestrophe is:
Rich Mendez - vocals, treatments
Dwayne Dassing - sound programming, sequencing
Gary Dassing - sequencing, effects, tapes, vocals

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