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Beauty: Demo

  1. Rewind 4:17
  2. Outpatient 5:05
  3. Exit Wound 4:35

While Beauty labels itself a stalwart metal industrial band perhaps the best thing about this demo is actually the drawn out electronic compositions that begin each track. Albeit the sound level of the guitar rips through the electronics later in each tracks but still doesn't undermine the fact that the programmer really ought to be spending more time trying to push his work deeper into the final mix. The transition period from the introduction of each track could also be better written as to avoid being shredded by the huge chunky guitar chords which have a tendency to smash the electronics to ribbons as the track opens into it's first stanza of vocals. 'Outpatient' is the best example of the what should be the proper meshwork of digital and analog instruments, whereas, 'Rewind' might as well have not have been written with anything but a guitar. The music itself overall is extremely solid but there seems to be a lack of attention to detail about how to equalize each style of music. This is only a demo tape and there is plenty of time left for Beauty to find it's own little musical niche, my suggestion simply is to tone the guitar down just a little and to allow the programmer just a little more freedom to expand his talent.

Beauty is: Scott Evans

3178-B8 Summit Square Drive
Oakton, VA 22124
(703) 319-1281


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