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Batz Without Flesh: Initial Stages 1987-1989


  1. futureshock
  2. retention
  3. residue
  4. auto suggestion
  5. stop

a million bricks

  1. oil
  2. watch your back
  3. yen-lo
  4. 21-375
  5. avalanche
  6. direction
  7. i deliver you
  8. life bait
  9. intra-course
  10. eeg

Batz Without Flesh skirt the edge of what is affectionately called electro gothic music. This particular disc contains all the tracks from the first two BWF vinyl releases. It is hard to get a definite handle on the particular electronic style the BWF utilizes. A number of the older tracks subtlely remind me of "No Comment" era Front 242 but the remainder of the album breathes a unique life all of it's own. Perhaps the most apt description would be a comparison to all the rest of the late eighties industrial bands struggling to find a style all of their own and as a result wandering all over the audio spectrum to develop a sounds for themselves. The net result is the utilization of the same samples as everyone else and no concrete direction for the music. This isn't inherently bad as this specific album is only meant to showcase the early work of BWF and not any of their most recent work.

Batz Without Flesh are:
Claude Willey - voice, electronics, synthesizers, effects & all programs
John Dugan - voice, horn & synthesizer
Sloth - sloth guitar 73, effects & messages

VUZ Records
P.O. Box 170116
47181 Duisburg


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