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Battlegrounds: A Collection of Hardcore Cyberpunk

  1. The Original Gabba - Pump That ****
  2. Annihilator - I'll Show You My Gun
  3. Strontium 9000 - Dynamic Fall-Out
  4. Annihilator - Into The Wild Style
  5. Chosen Few - Ravedome
  6. Search & Destroy - Iron Man
  7. Hardcore - Toxic
  8. High Energy - Looney Tunes
  9. Titanium Steel - Paralyzed
  10. Technohead - I Wanna Be A Hippy
  11. The Original Gabba - I Wanna Be..
  12. DJ Fist**** - ***** Poison
  13. Chosen Few - Party!
  14. Vitamin - Cosmic Trash
  15. High Energy - Revolution

Fresh from the "Battlegrounds" in Europe is what is deemed as the new techno invasion or "Gabber" as the new buzz term calls it. 150-250 BPM high energy dance music with urban jungle beats. Any human that could possible keep up with this type of beat and actually dance to it must be on some form of amphetamine. The only distinct thing this music has going for it is its never ending beat and rhythm. Tasteless samples, enough obscenity to make a grown man blush and repetitive programming are the norm it seems for Gabber. This type of music can only be slotted for a dance floor or rave environment. Any other medium would lose what little meaning or purpose this music already has. Expect more from the Gabber invasion as it has been hailed as the next rave-ambient brethren.

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