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Battery: Distance

  1. Bellarmine
  2. Gangsta's Paradise
  3. Transit
  4. Repress
  5. Hush
  6. Redeemable
  7. Silence
  8. Warm
  9. Access
  10. A Fate Like This
  11. Sirens
  12. The Other Child
  13. This Hideous Strength
  14. No Release
  15. Ostrich
  16. Access (Dot Com Remix)
  17. Further Up, Further In
  18. Distance

Battery turned in yet another stellar performance with the release of "Distance". Without a doubt this has to be the the cleanest, most crisp, cohesive Battery album to date. Every track flows seemlessly into the next without any of the haphazard sequencing problems that have plagued the band in the past. Maria performs in her role as the primary vocalist for the majority of the album delivering with her usual range of vocal inflection from seducing anthems to anguished filled poetry. Shawn and Evan also do their part to maintain the strong vocal trio but with a more laid back approach than on prior releases. The most pleasant surprise of the album was a cover version of "Gangsta's Paradise" which literally made me swerve into the wrong lane of traffic when I first heard it on my car stereo. I even had to stifle a chuckle as she sang, "You and your homey's might be lines in chalk." Also included at the end of the album are five rarities which consist of tracks previously available only on cassette, vinyl as well as remixes and the title track for the album. Overall an extremely powerful performance which only goes to show that an emotionally gripping experience can result from this genre of music if you simply have the compositional skill and vocal talents in proper balance.

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