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Battery: NV

  1. nevermore
  2. electric motor burn
  3. shame
  4. flesh
  5. mind-killer
  6. go
  7. pax neurotica
  8. digital angel
  9. guilt
  10. manipulator
  11. envious
  12. dollhouse
  13. deluge
  14. carry over heaven
  15. silence
  16. uranium
  17. melting
  18. found+lost
  19. http:\\
  20. the death of cain
  21. distance within
  22. the big switch
  23. go[screwdriver dub mix]

"I need a constant reminder to live!", sings Maria of Battery and this album is one damn good reminder!. Energetic dance rhythms, pounding percussion and a powerful female vocalist give this band all it needs to spray paint a message across your face with a level of angst that would make even Trent Renzor cringe with envy. Musically the band sways translucent goth ballads to in your face hard core electro. I sure wish I lived in California so I could catch them touring because with an album the explodes of the media such as this, the live performance has got to be unbelievable. The track listing printed on the back is all screwed up due to a printing error but after a few listens you'll never notice as each and every track on this disc is unique in it's own right. For an eclectic spin around the industrial block, buy this album.

Battery is: Maria Azevedo, Shawn Brice & Evan Sornstein

COP International
981 Aileen St.
Oakland, CA 94608


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