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Batterie Acid: Eyes Not Open

Side 1:

  1. Eyes Not Open

Side 2:

  1. Acid

Batterie Acid is a stimulating journey into a electronic tribal percussion swaddled haystack. This 7" heralds the first time I've heard of someone trying to simulate the percussion orgy of brought on by Crash Worship performance via both electronic and conventional means. Usually the dichotomy of two means of percussion don't tend to mix well, but in this case it seems to be quite the opposite. The level of passion isn't quite exactly the same but the levels of gnawing tension and the rippling shockwaves are remarkably similar. The packaging of the vinyl is should also be noted. The vinyl itself is of a hazy clear complexion, but the liner consists of a metallic rainbow which reflects the light in such a way as to make the cover appear as if it was constantly changing. Quite an outstanding overall package for something my roommate picked up on a whim because he thought the art would look good on his wall if the music was unbearable.

Batterie Acid is:
Haezebrouck - percussion
Oedipus Pardike - bass, percussion
S.A. Wexton - voices, samples
True - metal percussion
Xian309 - percussion, metal, symbols

Batterie Acid
284 Silman
Ferndale, MI 48220-2509


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