Album Cover

Band of Pain: Reculver

  1. Our Little Secret
  2. You Won't Meet Again
  3. Kooa Ibb + Ilu Illu.M
  4. Rejected By Resonance
  5. Bloodbath
  6. Dr. Tumblety Has Flown
  7. The Vanishing
  8. 3445 South La Brea Avenue
  9. Habernero High

The very first track informs us that the name of this band was aptly chosen as nauseous waves of black noise spew forth from the void and then suddenly stop. Band of Pain's "Reculver" plays the ultimate trick on its audience, assaulting you with feedback and discordance in the opening track, then settling down into a relaxing rhythm of stark Ambient interspersed with thick percussion and disembodied vocal samples. Unfortunately, they don't really go anywhere with the rest of the album. The remainder of the tracks are rather uninspired, typical Ambient fair with random percussion, samples, and the occasional chaotic burst of noise. It's not that the music isn't good, it's just that it has been done before by a multitude of other artists and Band of Pain doesn't try to stand apart from the crowd. It is sad, really, because while the opening of "Reculver" is so fresh and startlingly effective, the rest of the album is dull by comparison.

Irislight Records
55 Hawkins Way
St. Columb Major
Cornwall, England


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