Album Cover

Babyland: Who's Sorry Now?

  1. Lukewarm
  2. A Slow News Day
  3. Happy drum
  4. He Will Not Forgive
  5. Form 95B
  6. The Door Northern
  7. We Don't Know
  8. Cancer Beat
  9. Begin Again

MPEG Tracks

  1. He Will Not Forgive
  2. Worst Case Scenario
  3. Dismissal

Babyland is an angry young duo who sing about many of the problems facing the current generation but for the most part they seem to spend a great deal of time lamenting about a lost opportunity or the last turmoil filled relationship they experienced. The music is of rudimentary percussion construction which would be much better suited for their live show than to be played in the non participatory exchange of someone's living room. Their music is ripe with the tepid angst and they've chosen to release all the stress through an aural medium that lacks a feedback loop. The audience ends up feeling restricted by the single channel of exchange and much of the message is lost in the translation. The communication barrier is still retained and the full extent of the transmission has yet to be decrypted by the information retrieval unit. This biological processing unit can't even access the 3 MPEG videos contained as bonus tracks on the album. The liner notes explicitly denote the fact that they are either Macintosh of IBM compatible accessible but yet neither hardware unit I've loaded the CD on can read the disk as anything other than a music only device. So this listener is left without the video channel with which to make his crib notes and ends up screaming in disgust because he can't purchase the Cliff Notes version.

Flipside Records
P.O. Box 60790
Pasadena, CA 91116


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