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Babyland: Outlive Your Enemies

  1. Omaha
  2. Youth Choker
  3. Hillhurst
  4. Safe Equals No Sound
  5. Wrong Nominee
  6. Test Pilot
  7. Creeping Up
  8. Sophomore
  9. The Issuing Line
  10. Mini Mall
  11. Five Fingers
  12. Dyn-o-Mite!
  13. Fucked Equipment
  14. 01
  15. It Never Ends

Babyland return after a several year hiatus and a label switch with their fourth album "Outlive Your Enemies" which sums up their musical existence rather succinctly. If you have never heard of Mattress Records, don't worry, it is Babyland's own label. Frustrated with poor distribution the Los Angeles based duo decided to try their hand at releasing and promoting their own music. Musically the album is a diverse collection of tracks utilizing all of the elements of their back catalogue as well as new concepts and ideas. The most startling track on the album and the bands favorite is 'Sophomore'. Dan actually sings instead of yelling and Smith's composition contains real melody. For those of you wanting the usual percussive based Babyland tracks, 'Test Pilot', 'Mini Mall' and 'Fucked Equipment' will sate your needs. Just don't be surprised when you hear the Drum'n'Bass lead-in to 'Safe Equals No Sound' or the subdued mood of 'The Issuing Line'. Babyland expands their musical repertoire and incorporates new musical theories to avoid sounding stagnant.

Babyland is:
Smith - Percussion & Noise
Dan Gatto - Electronics & Voice

Mattress Records
P.O. Box 41349
Los Angeles, CA 90041


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