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The Azoic: Where Broken Angels Lie

  1. Nilaihah
  2. Drown (Pulsating Mix)
  3. Terrible Space
  4. Intimate Incisions
  5. Summoning
  6. Terrible Space (Oneiroid Psychosis Mix)
  7. I Tried To Warn You (Flesh Field Decay Theory Mix)
  8. The Sad World
  9. Drown
  10. The Sad World (Desert Mix)
  11. Suffocation
  12. God Help Us
  13. Only Flesh

The Azoic have must have read my review of their last album "The Divine Suffering" like a textbook because they corrected all of their problem areas. My first complaint was that the male vocal were too heavily modified, so that a duet with Kristy's natural vocals sounds wrong. On "Where Broken Angels Lie", there are fewer moments where two people sing and Shawn and Steve's vocals are less altered. You can almost hear harmony in their voices at times. My second complaint was that they used far too many vocal samples from various Horror and Science Fiction films. This was corrected when they cut down on the use of these samples and arranged them to better fit the mood of the music. In essence, their placement of these samples is much more efficient. These two changes along with some quality remix work by Oneiroid Psychosis and Flesh Field, make "Where Broken Angels Lie" one of the better written, produced, and executed Darkwave albums of 1998.

The Azoic is:
Steve Laskarides - keyboards, vocals, drum machine, programming, effects
Shawn Lower - vocals, keyboards, guitar, bass
Kristy Venrick - vocals, keyboards

The Azoic
401 E. Oakland St.
Columbus, OH 43202


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