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The Azoic: The Divine Suffering

  1. Beginning 3:07
  2. Pure Pleasure 4:28
  3. No Strengths to Feel 3:48
  4. Inside 5:16
  5. Serenity Destroyed 6:00
  6. Violation 4:02
  7. Godaphile 4:08
  8. Thorns 3:45
  9. Talking to a Ghost 5:03
  10. No One is Listening 5:40
  11. Alone 3:15
  12. Transitions 10:32

Azoic is an intriguing mixture of wafting feminine vocals and heavily altered male vocals that hover over an array of horror film samples and slow moving darkwave electronics. Most of the songs are very slow moving ambient textures overlaid with tons of samples of Kristy Venrick's vocals. The rest of the tracks are more upbeat electro-gothic pieces that might be suitable for club play under the right circumstances. I have two complaints with this album. The first is that the male vocals are way too modified. They sound horrible whenever they try and create harmony with the female vocals. The second is the overuse of samples. Personally, I feel that samples, when used in moderation, set an excellent mood, but in this case, when you utilize several minutes of samples from the Exorcist III across multiple tracks, it looses the intended effect. Other than the aforementioned issues, the remainder of the album is a very solid piece of work. Other artists releasing their first album could learn a great deal about production value from the Azoic.

The Azoic is:
Steve Laskarides - keyboards, vocals, drum machine, programming, effects
Shawn Lower - vocals, keyboards, guitar, bass
Kristy Venrick - vocals, keyboards

The Azoic
55 Oakland St. #A
Columbus, OH 43201


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