Album Cover

Various Artists: Awake The Machines

Disc 1:

  1. Spahn Ranch - Laurels
  2. Crocodile Shop - Blinding
  3. Bile - Fascion (Demo)
  4. Hocico - Self Destructive Path
  5. Randolph's Grin - Burn The Bridge
  6. Benestrophe - Lessor of 2 Evils
  7. Christ Analogue - Optima (Organic Radio)
  8. Chemlab - Electric Molecular (KMFDM Death Before Taxes Mix)
  9. Diatribe - Junkyard (Radio Edit)
  10. Idiot Stare - This is the Life
  11. Lin - Online (Modea Mix)
  12. proGREX.iv - reInventing sLeep (EBMIX)
  13. Android Lust - Suffer the Flesh
  14. Dive - Dark Room
  15. Yeht Mae - Awake the Machine
  16. THD - Some Urban Myths

Disc 2:

  1. Hanzel Und Gretyl - Pleiadian Agenda
  2. James Ray - Moses Gun (D!V#9 Remix)
  3. Neuroactive - Space Divider
  4. Hellbent - 3 Murders, 3 Nights
  5. Signal Aout 42 - Behind The Line
  6. Crocodile Shop DAMn!U (Remix Edit)
  7. Society Burning - Less Than Zero
  8. Iron Lung Corporation - Crobar America
  9. Chaingun Operate - Monuments of Flesh
  10. Kevorkian Death Cycle - The Fall
  11. Fektion Fekler - My Weakest Point
  12. Jihad - People of the Land
  13. Deus Ex Machina - Crisis de Indentidad
  14. Hellsau - Taste (Birmingham 6 Salvation remix)
  15. Hand of God - Kick The Eye
  16. The Aggression - Arena 85
  17. God's Girlfriend - California Dreamin'
  18. Clay People - Strange Days

As far as compilations go, "Awake The Machines" is one of the most thorough collections of North American Industrial artists available. Of course, a European band and South American bands are thrown in for good measure, but oddly enough, this German label sampler consists of 75% pure breed American Industrial. Just about every crossover genre is here from Coldwave, Electro and Synthcore, to EBM, Torture Tech and Drum'n'Bass. "Awake the Machines" is the most diverse sampler I have seen since RAS DVA's "There is No Time". Standout material is hard to identify with so many stellar artistsr. The only track on this compilation that could use some work is the demo version of Bile's Fascion, whose name denotes that the song has already been reworked to remove its kinks. "Awake the Machines" celebrates the two year anniversary of Out of Line Records and features artwork by John Bergin. How can you possibly go wrong with this release?

Tinman Records
P.O. Box 1114
New Brunswick, NJ 08903


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