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Various Artists: Awaiting The Dawn

  1. Caul - Silver Shining, Brightly Gleaming
  2. EnGrave - Deep Cavern Unit
  3. Cradle to the Grave - You are of the Broadest Skies
  4. Bonescan - Doctrine of Vanities
  5. Firmament - Forgiven Frost
  6. Thymikon - The Mystic Mother
  7. Cadence - ...Nothing (I am Lowly)
  8. The Reclusive Cypher - Love of Discoveries
  9. In A Lonely Place - This Pain
  10. Steve Scott - Nervous System
  11. True Colour of Blood - Hovering Under The Deep
  12. Caul - The Abyss of the Infinite Light Divine
  13. Cult of Jester - John Carpenter
  14. Frolic - Skin

"Awaiting The Dawn" contains some of the darkest, bone-chilling Ambient compositions I have heard from a collection of independent artists. What makes this even more impressive, is that Christian artists composed this music, which puts to rest assertions that Christian Industrial is an oxymoron. For the most part, this compilation is dark, thickly layered, beatless instrumentals, however a few tracks do contains vocals, minimal percussion and samples to break up the monotony of one long Ambient drone. Highlights include both Caul tracks for their rich vibrance and moody pitch shifts, Bonescan for having the most original band name I've seen in years, and Cult of Jester for their blatant X-Files samples, used entirely without permission. Overall, "Awaiting The Dawn" is a fine example of what a label with almost no budget release can if they find artists with suitable talent and commitment to a project.

Flaming Fish Music
9 Koidern Ave.
Whitehorse, Yukon


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