Various Artists: Autonomous Parts of Severed Insects

  1. Pulsar - Aeternus Flatus
  2. traigfoltz - Year of the Rat
  3. Sworn 64 - Tick-Tock
  4. Diode - Galvanization (Grey Matter Mix)
  5. Desar - The Bride
  6. Wilt - Kiss
  7. Collett & Phil - Aphrodite
  8. DJ Batman - Braindancing
  9. traigfoltz - Master Control
  10. Urlaut - Op.4 N.1
  11. Urlaut - Tvdo Govno
  12. Allen Dikkers & Eric Groop - Spacial Flourish
  13. 162 - Requiem
  14. Fragmented - Blur The Line
  15. Allen Dikkers - Mora

Autonomous Parts of Severed Insects stands in complete dichotomy from previous Arts Industria compilations. While all of the other compilations have been almost pure electro driven, this release wanders all over the musical horizon. A large part of this is probably due to fact that unlike on other AI release, this release was put together by John Prassas of 162 and Void Records instead of Ken Holewczynski, the owner of the label. However, instead of being a negative aspect to this release, it in fact gives a very fresh outlook to an almost formula record label. What stands out most about the artists present on this release is their diversity. Mere moments apart on the CD are lush ambient soundscapes and thumping techno basslines, or experimental landscapes punctuated by female vocals ticking seconds away from the socialist rhythms and concise basslines of a standard electro act. The two stand out pieces on this compilation are the 29 Died side project Sworn 64, and Diode. While the first track builds both it's title and central rhythm around the reliable tick of a clock, the second draws heavily from Laibach and Clock DVA to develop it's framework. Neither goes overboard into the realm of cliche and each retains it's own sense of individuality and fresh mindsets. Listeners should be warned that if they are expecting the standard electro fair of the usual Arts Industria release to look elsewhere, instead this compilation caters to those with a more open mind and broader musical tastes.

Arts Industria
23784 SR 2
South Bend, IN 46619

E-mail: info@artsindustria.com

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