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Auschwitz 46: battered, drained, forgotten

  1. infovein
  2. terminal 93'
  3. progress of decay
  4. neuroagony
  5. delusion
  6. a.t.a.p.

Reminiscent of Rabies era Skinny Puppy with a great deal more guitars and chocked full of stream of consciousness lyrics. Auschwitz 46 is a very politically oriented band haven chosen it named as a reminder of the Nazi death camps of WWII and concentration camps are still happening across the world in such places as Bosnia. The band has also won a recent Texas music competition over such bands at Numb. A little too heavy on the guitar for my taste almost bordering on metal except for the fact that most generic metal bands can't write complete sentences let alone write politically aware lyrics. The music is due for a little refinement in places as there are a great deal of choppy rhythms but the EP is fairly respectable for a first release.

Auschwitz 46 are:
Corey Wilson - lyrics, vox
Jason Janssen - sequencing, sampling
Jim Vollentine - sequencing, sampling
Scott Ellis - guitars
Barry Adelman - drums, percussion
Poster Child - tapes, films

46 Brodcastes
P.O. Box 92109
file #228
Austin, TX 78709-2109
(512) 292-0046

E-mail: none

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