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Various Artists: Aural Fixation

  1. Eternal Golden Void - Returning Mag North
  2. A nat HEMA - Scooby
  3. Chromatic Persuaders - 1-800 LOVE GOD
  4. Topiary Kings - Exploding Cigar
  5. Earth, Wind, + Pliers - Hussein (excerpt)
  6. Jed - Gate
  7. Sacred Cow-Eye - Unu (excerpt)
  8. Office Products (live excerpt)
  9. Jetfinger (live excerpt)
  10. Potter's Field - Suffering
  11. King Frog - Ian Voorhees
  12. Axiomatic - My Only Wife

This twelve track cassette is a collection of live material from performances at Aural Fixation, a the weekly Experimental Showcase in Portland, Oregon. Each week, for more years than I can remember, this eccentric band of audio warriors promotes Experimantal musical events. Now, they are releasing a compilation of a diverse collection of artists who performed at Aural Fixation between Oct 1997 and February 1998. Because, they record all of this material live and most of it is improvisational, the sound quality is dubious at best. It least sheds some insight into the dizzying array of cacophony, dissonace, and offbeat wackiness that often occurs at these shows. Musically, this release crosses the spectrum of unrehearsed music from live sequenced Techno, to performance art accompanied by samples created onstage, as well as the use of any object you can find for percussion or noise making. Aural Fixation is definitely a treat to behold, even if it is a bit caustic at times.

Aural Fixation
031 SW Caruthers #D
Portland, OR 97201

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