Album Cover

Aube: Flare

  1. Luminous
  2. Vibrate-Flasher (Alternative Mix)
  3. The Silent Light
  4. Luminous Live 1992

"Flare" is the second Aube CD re-issue of rare tracks on the new Irislight sublabel. The singular sound source this time is the very common Aube use of fluorescent and glow lamps. The first track originally appeared on the 1003 G.R.O.S.S. cassette and appears here in its 46 minute unsegmented form for the first time. The heating and cooling filaments of the lamps start off the track which slowly builds in intensity. The next two tracks are from the rare 7 inch originally released on Syntactic Records in Austria. The first selection, however, 'Vibrate-Flasher', has been reworked and remixed into subtle drones that suddenly shift into menacing dissonance. The last track is from a live performance at the Shuga-Du Gallery in Japan in 1992. Tentative tones hesitantly begin the track alongside expanding and contracting bulb filaments. "Luminous Live 1992" quickly builds the tones into a rare rhythmic crescendo that ends this Aube release in fine form.

Aube is: Akifumi Nakajima

Irislight Records
55 Hawkins Way
St. Columb Major
Cornwall, England


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