Album Cover

Aube: Aqua Syndrome

  1. Refloatation
  2. Aqua Syndrome I
  3. Dilution
  4. Aqua Syndrome II
  5. Back Drift

Aube continues the tradition of ultra-minimalistic releases on Manifold records with the newest release Aqua Syndrome, which utilizes water as it's sole sound source. As one might expect with Aube, the packaging of the product is also very unique, consisting of a sealed mylar envelope of blue-tinted water packaged with the CD inside of another mylar envelope, on which resides blue stickers with the album artwork and contact information. Musically the album is very soothing due to the inherently calming nature of the primary sound source. Of course, while the source material is limited to a single element, Akifumi Nakajima still allows himself to utilize that element in a variety of different ways including dripping, flowing, pouring, splashing, boiling, and the smashing of water in its solid state, namely ice. As a result the music is extremely varied and vibrant, unlike other Aube material, simply due to the resilient and naturally noise-making qualities of water. Definitely one of the more elaborate and well conceived Aube projects to date that exhibits the true depth and range of this Japanese sample master.

Aube is: Akifumi Nakajima

Manifold Records
P.O. Box 12266
Memphis, TN 38182


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