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Attrition: 3 Arms & A Dead Cert

  1. Tune In
  2. White Men Talk
  3. Cosmetic Citizen
  4. Slice of Life
  5. Acid Tongue
  6. One of These Morning
  7. The Second Hand
  8. Demi-God
  9. Predicament?
  10. Red Eye
  11. 3 Arms and a Dead Cert
  12. Prelude

Attrition return with more of their masterful darkwave material that they are well-known and respected for. This time however, Martin has placed more emphasis on integrated real instruments into his electronic material which definitely gives the material a richer flavor. Julia's angelic vocals are still present as well and, as usual, they never fail to send my body into shivers. While Martin has almost always included classical elements to many of his songs, tracks like Prelude and 3 Arms... entirely cut out the dance element, leaving pure classical pieces that are both beautiful and stunning. The song that caught my attention the most was Predicament? This song somehow manages to come across as the complete soundtrack to a play within a four minute span, due to the song's intensity and the varied mood swings throughout. Another bonus to this CD (for the first 500 copies) was the inclusion of another disc, the Electronica Sessions, which contains such classics as My Friend is Golden and Fusilade (now up to version VI with this version) from a live show they did in the UK in 1994 and remixed for this CD. (Kevin Congdon)

Attrition are:
Martin Bowes - vocals, analog and digital electronics, album production
Julia Waller - vocals

Projekt Records
PO Box 166155
Chicago, IL 60616


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