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Atlatl: All You Fuckers Without Radar

  1. Outside The Super Vernacular
  2. Sea of Oceans
  3. Alkalinity Increaser
  4. The Tawny Brown Beige
  5. Sick of Thrown Toads
  6. 741
  7. Last ER
  8. Altered
  9. Mt'd Pumpkin
  10. Niezchfierldz Charmz
  11. Nickels Get Twisted

Deep from the bowels of the Seattle experimental Techno scene comes Atlatl. Taking a hint from such minimalists as Ryoji Ikeda and Panasonic, Atlatl assaults your senses with calculating precision combination of feedback, white noise, and general dissonance. This is definitely not Merzbow, however, by any stretch of the imagination. The tones are not raw and unfocused, rather deliberately chosen for their caustic nature and unpleasant reaction. The beats are rigidly arranged and the sequences mapped out perfectly. Even the daunting sub-bass that rattles your bowels has a well defined purpose in mind. Amazingly enough, this entire album was recorded directly to tape in one setting with no overdubs. No time was taken to perfect the errors that always occur in a single take session, yet the errors are imperceptible because the music itself is so logical and refined. Atlatl surely outperforms itself with this dizzyingly exact collection of rigorous Techno.

Atlatl is: Phil Hendricks

Cloaca Recordings
P.O. Box 17565
Seattle, WA 98107


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