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ATD Convention: Cyber Relations

  1. Twisted 6:17
  2. Tronik 4:10
  3. Your Life 3:56
  4. Hypocrisy 5:40
  5. Time of Crime (Storm Mix) 4:40
  6. Committed 3:59
  7. My World (edit) 4:34
  8. TVA (Shortwave Mix) 4:34
  9. Mass Media 3:54
  10. Digital Distortion (HD Mix) 3:19
  11. Cyber Vision (Ethernet Collison Mix) 6:11
  12. The Birth (Interface Mix) 4:37

Recently I was told that I was the first person on the net to have ever heard this band. That might explain how parts of my review ended up on the press release for the debut album of ATD Convention. Kind of warms your heart to know that somebody signed a record contract indirectly in part to an excellent review of some very outstanding cyberdustrial music. Only two tracks from the initial demo tapes made it the album and not in their original form, so for all practical purposes the entirety of the album is all new work.

Analog to Digital Convention or ATD Convention for short has created a dark future for itself rumbling with technological mayhem, a ghost in the machine, and a perpetual struggle of man versus it's own progeny, the computer. This album stands equal with many of the excellent cybertech albums by such bands as Front Line Assembly, ClockDVA, and Total Harmonic Distortion. ATD Convention is riding on the forefront of the new breed of modern electro industrial music. Definitely a band to watch out for in the future.

ATD Convention is: Sheldon & Hal Vx2

Furnace Records
340 Bryant St.
3rd Floor East
San Francisco, CA 94107
Fax (415) 957-0779


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