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Asylum Choir: Dead Girls Don't Say No

  1. Phantom
  2. Master Control
  3. Dead Girls Don't Say No
  4. Welcome Home
  5. Fuck!
  6. Beg For It
  7. Do Me Dirty
  8. Fisticuffs
  9. Harder, Faster
  10. Domidance & Submission

My first at this album as I slowly made my through the liner notes was one of extreme dread. It appeared as if the cock rock mentality of the mid-eighties had finally made it's way into the electronic music genre. After only the first listen, I could not have been any closer the truth. When the entirety of an albums lyrics are sexual innuendo or graphic pornography one begins to wonder about the motives of the musicians producing said album. Not only are the lyrics a droll and mindlessly unimaginative waste of good ink garnished from the leafing through old Hustlers but the shock value wears thin after first track. I could perhaps see the means behind a single track of this thinly veiled excuse for innuendo but an entire album? I hesitate to even make a comparison to 'Sexplosion' era Thrill Kill Kult for fear of Buzz McCoy hunting me down and torturing me for the insult to his band. Unless you really enjoy a bad satirical look at a pornography, I'd suggest avoiding this album.

Asylum Choir is:
Master James - vocals, guitars, keyboards
Charity Ongkeko - choir vocals, keyboards
Marty Negla - electric bass, vocals
Kathy Rutherford - choir vocals, keyboards
Alex Pagani - drums, vocals
Taylor Tyssen - erotic vocals, slutty moans

Indebasement Records
3145 Rankin Ave.
Windsor, Ontario
N9E 3B8


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