Ashtrayhead: Ashtrayhead

  1. Ashtrayhead
  2. Handyman
  3. Good Doggy
  4. Homemovies
  5. My Private Pornstar
  6. Playmate
  7. Phone Call
  8. Godprawn
  9. Spooky Thoughts
  10. Handyman-Extended
  11. Good Dubby

The lone maniac behind Ashtrayhead in none other the Marc Heal of Cubanates little brother. Of course Marc can't resist the urge to help out his younger sibling and it definitely shows in both the lyrical and musical contributions to this album. For the most part Ashtrayhead is four on the floor techno whose thundering bass lines and corny lyrics will probably pack the floors of most clubs for no other reason than you dance your ass off to it. Obviously there isn't much imagination or creativity behind the musical structure of lyric writing but it is quite obvious that this is extremely intentional. Marc Heal doesn't take himself seriously so you most definitely shouldn't taken his music for anything more than face value. So put on your best dancing clothes, douse yourself with your favorite chemical attractant and recklessly drive down to the nearest club to move until you drop to Ashtrayhead.

Ashtrayhead is: Simonds

Invisible Records
P.O. Box 16008
Chicago, IL 60618

E-mail: invisihq@aol.com

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