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Alien Sex Fiend: Inferno

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Here's an interesting concept, take one well known goth artist, one video game designer, and let them co-design a new video game and score it at the same time and see where it leads. This of course is nothing new many of the small time industrial artists derive their musical roots from video game scoring. In this case however, the artist is none other than Alien Sex Fiend, and the music he scored for the video game sounds nothing like anything he's ever done before. (Thank God!) What strikes me is that while the music is absolutely perfect for a video game, why in the heck would you want to release it to the public as an album as well? All the tracks sound as if they were scored for a game, and as such are really out of place anywhere else. If I wanted to listen to the score, I'd buy the game, this isn't a movie soundtrack we're dealing with here.

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