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Artemis Rise: Revolute EP

  1. Painting The Angels 4:24
  2. Revolute 4:15
  3. If We Ever 3:27
  4. My Life And A Gun 5:07

This band sounds very reminiscent of old Depeche Mode, with more percussion, and less synth work and vocal range. "Painting The Angels" is a song about the LA riots, and has more percussion than any other track, and is also the fastest. "Revolute" deals with the 1989 student uprising in China. "If We Ever" seems to deal with the topic of racism, while "My Life And A Gun" is about gun control. The lyrics are clearly political, and the sampling is heavy, most predominately in those songs which were covered heavily by CNN. The rhythm work reminds me of a the typical electronic pop band, which has shifted towards sampling, and percussion, while still holding onto its accessibility for vocal outlet. If you like the harsher, non-guitar Depeche Mode, or very political Techno-Euro-pop, you'll like this EP.

Artemis Rise is:
Marc Bouron - Guitars & Bass
Steve Fisher - Vocals
Dale Xzavia - Percussion & Vocals

Digital FDM
56 Royal Lane
West Drayton
Middlesex UB7 8DN


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